About Us 

We here at the initiated are a group of friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances that discuss issues that matter to us, the world, or an individual in the group. We represent a pocket modern society that wishes to find any truth we can through fair discussion and free speech. We come from all walks of life, various age groups, different ethnic backgrounds, but we share this desire for open and fair discussion with others in a relaxed environment.

Membership Qualifications 

If you wish to join our discussion, then you must become acquainted with one of our members and have them recommend you. There is a list of hosted sites to the side that represent some of our groups' members. Talk to them, get to know them, and then they'll probably invite you to join.

We currently have 29 members.

Rules and Regulations 

1. The "Back Off!" rule. Do not attempt to piss anyone off on the list. If you can't talk to someone without pissing them off, then don't. Everyone has the right to tell someone to "back off" and everyone will respect those wishes including the person that said "back off" as that person is also required to drop the subject. If you are the one that gets mad, remember that the other person might be saying something important or might just be being stupid. You have to figure out that for yourself. And this rule is here to protect that.

2. Do not commit libel against anyone in the group to the entire group. Our working definition of libel is "defaming a specific member's name or honor in an intentional and hurtful manner". Violators will be booted.

3. You are responsible, in a very personal way, for anything you say to the group.

4. Members have the right to debate with anything you submit to the list. That's the whole point. The debate will be carried on with respect for the other party while posted to the list. Anything you wish to say off the list is your business however.

5. Since we are all guys, it's a good idea to keep it that way because in the past mixing men and women in a public, open, Internet based forum proved to be a bad idea as feelings were hurt and nails were broken. So we aren't accepting women at this time.

6. Nick Mossie reserves the right to add to or detract from this list of rules and regulations as he sees fit. He also reserves the right, as moderator, to remove anyone from the group.

7. Everyone named Eric must give blood to Scott.